In 1988 I was carving a series based on African Art. i carved this piece out of Macacumba wood from Africa. It is 15.5″x 15″x 6.5″. there was something humorous about it in my mind and i titled it, ” Before it was Picasso it was African”. Shortly after I finished this it became difficult to obtain the exotic hardwoods. The 3rd world countries where these woods originate finally discovered that the money was in veneering and they began to do it in country instead of shipping the logs to the US for processing. I was living in Vermont at the time and marble quarries were all around me so i switched to stone. This piece has been in my own collection since then.

1988: The end of wood sculpture and the beginning of stone










Tomorrow’s post will be about my first trip to Guatemala where i was hoping to find some wood large enough to carve.

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