Jaffe prepares for final Virginia art exhibit

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When 82-year-old artist Ed Jaffe stands up from a chair, he does so slowly and with a pronounced grimace, but it would be reasonable to assume the act is merely for show — a performance so as not to confuse a younger person’s expectations of an old man. Jaffe is and is not a lot of things.

Marble Sculpture & Paintings by Ed Jaffe

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Ed Jaffe's studio of sculpted marble and textured paintings stands out like a sore thumb in Orange County. Amid the quiet gift shops and quaint eateries in the town of Orange, Ed Jaffe's exhibition space is a bit of a shock. Massive marble sculpture and an open, upscale atmosphere give the Main Street storefront a big-city feel--smack in the middle of a tiny Virginia town. "People walk through my door and say, 'What the hell is this doing in Orange?'" said Jaffe.

Sculptor evokes haunting images of lost civilizations

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Many of Ed Jaffe's sculptures and paintings evoke images of Mysterious cultures and lost civilizations. The Mayans, Incas, Aztecs and Ancient Chinese emerge from the stone Jaffe carves into polished works of art. Those who meet his art before they meet the man could be excused for expecting Jaffe to be a mystic cloaked in the trappings of the Yucatan or the High Andes.

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