I’m getting too wrapped up in this renovation.

If you have been following the progress you know that the studio is coming along. The roof has now been redone.

The inside has been insulated.



And the sheet-rock guys were supposed to come in on Monday to close the walls up. I opened the barn early and was ready for them. 9AM comes and I figure they are at the yard picking up materials. 10 AM comes and I start emailing my contractor. “Where are the men???” 11AM I give up and send an annoying email about wasting the day.

At noon I get an email back from the contractor,


It’s Sunday. See you at 8:30 tomorrow.

Funny as that was it was embarrassing as well…it had never occured to me that it might not be Monday. I even checked the NY Times on the internet to make sure it was actually Sunday.. Yep it is Sunday all right.

My apology was accepted . 🙂

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