“Sail On” In The Field

The weather finally got good enough to do some necessary yard work. While I had the backhoe and the driver here it was a good time to mount the first of my outdoor sculptures in the field.  Love it. There are others that will see the light of  day in time but I want to enjoy this solo for a while.

Remember you all have an invitation to visit the studio when you get into CT. Just let me know when it would be convenient. I am really happy with the way the property is coming together and love to show it off. 🙂

"Sail On"





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  1. Ed, This stunning scultpure works beautifully in the outdoor space. I don’t just love the sculpture, but I love the slab of stone it sits on. I’m not sure what the other surroundings are like, but from the little I see, your garden is going to be delicious this summer. Perfect.

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