It’s been a while but I finally can see the end of this move. There are still some stray items that have to be resolved …like selling the property in Orange and converting the barn in CT but I can finally see the new house without it being cluttered with cartons and packing materials. The whole process has taken its toll but I will recover.

The packing process began several months ago . At first I was doing it all myself but when it came to the stone sculpture I gave in and hired 2 very competent young men to act as muscle. In the final 2 weeks they were indispensable and we got the job done.

At the same time I was going through a complicated negotiation with the seller of the CT property. Timing was getting tight as he had to make some serious repairs to the barn to satisfy the financial people and the weather was not cooperating. I already had a contract with a mover and we had a definite loading date for the move so I had the feeling time was running out.

In the end, the barn was fixed, the closing date was established and all seemed well… except the mortgage people had yet to ok the purchase. I don’t know how these people can live this way but we didn’t get the final approval until 48 hours before the closing. I was told it was never in doubt but it was nerve wracking.

We closed and I had to drive back to VA for the loading. I used Tanner Van Lines out of Richmond and the team did a fantastic job of getting all of my furniture and artwork onto the 53 foot van. We all headed north for the unloading 3 days later.

Of course it was raining for those 3 days so the lawn the driver tried to get across was too soft and the van sunk in to the hubs on the rear and it was stuck. Fortunately I had ordered a forklift to get the heavy sculpture off the truck and my very good realtor and now friend went home to get his flat bed trailer and between the two we got the van unloaded… It took 12 hours and in the end the driver had to call for a wrecker to get him out.

I was left with a fairly well ripped up front lawn, which will require a bit of landscaping but the house was moved into and the art work was stored in the barn for later cataloging.

Then the unpacking began. I have now “Found the house”. Most of the cartons are out of here and it is going to work. In the next week or so I will begin construction on the section of the barn I want to use as a painting studio. Next week I have my first meeting with people who are the leaders of the resurging art community in town and my new life begins.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow…

To see the new barn click on my home page.

Stay tuned.


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