I’m back from a month in the Berkshires of MA.

This has been a perfect refueling stop. I’ve spent enjoyable time with my family, scouted most of the towns in the southern Berkshires for a possible replacement property if I ever sell my place in Virginia, managed to see a terrific production of “A Chorus Line” and the Paul Taylor dance group and even had time to do some sketching for another series of paintings.

An interesting process developed as I didn’t care what came out of the work as long as I was able to keep my hand in it and fill the mornings before everything opened up and I was able to enjoy the area. All of the black and white sketches were done with Conte crayon and the color sketches were oil pastel on illustration board.

Most of the sketches were thrown away but here are some that I decided to keep.

This began a process that will lead to more larger paintings and new 3d piece. The painting below came from redrawing one of the BW sketches

The next painting came from redrawing the one above.

The process will continue in the studio and I’ll see where this new work will lead me.

I’m also ready to get back to the 3d work that I started before I left so I expect to be busy.

Stay tuned.

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