Getting ready for a show is always exciting. Taking it down is anti climatic .  Then you recycle and get in position to create the next body of work. I am at that point now and ready to go.

I’ve begun 2 new paintings.

new work 2015 ist coatThis painting has all of the texture applied and is ready for color.

new work 2015 ist coat :2The drawing on this one is complete and now I search out the 3rd dimension and texture.

At this point I spend a lot more time looking at it than working on it 😉

I’ve also begun a wood sculpture.

rough cut apple papoose

This is a piece of Apple that I’ve been saving for over 30 years. I’m surprised at how dense and difficult to carve it is… I’m guessing it got petrified in that time.

And then there is phase 2.  I’m in the process of setting up a sculpture gallery in the lower barn where they used to keep the cows. It’s turning out to be an interesting space. The contrast between a 1900 barn and the contemporary marble seems to work. When I get it finished I’m planning on having an opening reception in the barn..maybe late this fall or by the latest in the spring. I’ll keep you posted

It’s a work in progress but fun to think about. If you have any suggestions pass them on.

cow barn sculpture gallery. JPG

While all of this is going on you are still invited to visit the studio at your convenience.

It’s always open for friends, collectors and the curious.

Contact me and we will set it up.



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