I’ve got 2 large pieces working now. Another large Sheffield painting and a 3D from the same series.

As a counter point to those pieces I began something that was less intense as a way to relax.The drawing was rather straight forward as I just let it happen instead of constructing it as I usually do. An earlier shape appeared and I went on from there. What happened next was rather interesting. The hue kept changing as I rebalanced the values and it came to a point where the piece was almost vibrating.

I finished it today, just in time to get it into the new show which opens next week.

A shape from the past.       35.5″ x 48″      Oil

Tomorrow (Sunday) I begin taking down the existing pieces on the walls and I’ll spend next week hanging the 3Ds and the Sheffield series.

Saturday, October 27 is party time.Try to make the reception at my gallery in Orange; 5-8 PM.  The show will be on going at least until the end of the year.

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