I have been creating sculpture for 40 years and painting for most of that time..

In 1954 I opened a studio in Manhattan that specialized in corporate and advertising  photography. Working with some of the major agencies and Fortune 500 companies gave  me the ability to learn  my art and raise my family in comfort while I was having the time of my life on camera.

In 1958 I discovered sculpture . It was a great hobby until  it became serious.

At the peak of my photography career I gave up the studio in New 
York and moved to Vermont where I was able to concentrate on 
sculpture.  The camera became my Medici and 60 to 80 days a year 
on camera allowed me to spend the rest of my time carving marble.

Eventually I established gallery relationships on both coasts and in New 
England. I suppose I had  reached the point in life dreamed about by 
most artists and yet, I became frustrated. My work did not belong in the 
art market of the 80’s. I consider what I do  “Quiet Sculpture”. The art 
galleries of the time were full of noise, hype and screaming artists trying 
to make a social or political statement and failing.  I’d look at what was 
being shown and say, “What am I doing here?”

It took a while but I brought all of my work home , found a huge  space 
in Virginia and opened my own gallery where I could show my work the 
way I thought it should be shown.

I did that for 20 years and built a collector base across the country, A few years ago I began to get my 20 year itch and decided to come home to New England.

So here I am; comfortably ensconced in a 1900 farmhouse  with a 4000 sq ft barn that serves as my studio and gallery and I begin my 5th twenty year cycle .