In between working on the 3D series I’ll often begin a painting on canvas as a way of relaxing from the mental exercise of assembling the many small pieces that make up the new 3D paintings.

These paintings also have a growth pattern since the final painting rarely looks exactly like the original drawing and the palette always changes since I never know where it’s going to end up when I start.

The fun and the contest in doing these is the reason for beginning. It is the process that I enjoy. If they don’t turn out well enough, which is what happens on occasion, I just white them out and start again another day.

This one, I like.

"Figures 2013"

“Figures 2013″              Oil            24″x 30”

I have a problem with it in one respect however; I’m not sure what to call it.

Over the years my work has tended to repeat itself in different mediums. Although always abstract, the mother and child theme along with family and figures constantly show up. I enjoy the intertwining of major and minor space and that lends itself to these subjects. The problem is this; how many times can you call something “Mother and Child” or “Family” ?

I see a definite family group in this painting but what do you see?

I have often said, “What the artist creates the collector completes.”

Got any ideas for a title that I can live with?


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