My move is complete. I have managed to change the Zoning in Torrington and the Artist Relocation Program is established. That part of my job is done. I am now listed with the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council 

Lately I have started to concentrate on getting back into my creative mode, Oddly enough this has not been as easy as I thought it should be. I’ve been away from the studio long enough to break the rhythm . When I was in Virginia I would be working on 2 or 3 pieces of stone and a painting all in the same day. That stopped when I began to work on my move and the process of getting everything in crates. finding this location, getting here, spending the better part of a year remodeling this place and then creating the Relocation program. I’m tired just thinking about it :-).

I have plenty of inventory but why haven’t I been creating new art? I try to explain the process this way. If you are used to running a marathon and you stop for a long time you don’t go out an run another marathon before you have spent some time getting back in shape. For me, Creating art is the same . Lately I’ve been spending time in the studio cleaning up, putting things away, finding things I forgot I had and missing others that haven’t turned up yet. I’m getting used to spending the days in the studio again. That is where I should be.

One thing I keep tripping over is the painting I left undone in VA . I thought it would be a good idea to have a starting point once I got settled down in CT. I now realize that was a mistake. That painting has not been a help it is a stumbling block.  Rather than wanting to work on it I find myself not wanting to work on it so it’s off the easel and turned to the wall, In it’s place is an new blank canvas, New time. Fresh start.

Now I have to sit at the board until I begin to sketch…. it just happens that way,

Stay tuned.




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