Artist Statement: Ed Jaffe


I am a sculptor who paints.

Whether I am creating a multimedia piece or painting in oil I am captured by the process. There is an element of time in my work and watching it develop is the reason for beginning. A piece of stone will let me know when it’s done.  A painting is finished when the paint won’t stick.

In every medium I make preliminary drawings so I always know where I’m going when I start a project. That said, I never know where I’m gong to end up because the work takes over at a certain point and leads me in a direction I never imagined when I started. I call that the sweet spot. Once I reach it I am in another time and another place. It is a delicious place to be.

Looking back over the past 30 years or so I find that certain elements have been showing up my work whether it’s sculpture or painting. I love the interlocking of major and minor space. Triangle and pyramid shapes abound.

One form appears over another. Texture blends into something smooth. It’s all about watching light play on and in the surface. It’s all about physical and visual touch