The Process

My paintings are a combination of instinct, intellect and more importantly. Process. As in stone, there is a step by step evolution of the piece. I am not a fast worker.

On the abstract paintings I usually make a few marks with charcoal and the process begins. I have often said that I create a problem and then work on the painting until I resolve the problem. That entails many times of putting something in, wiping something out until I reach a visual balance, When the drawing is right the next step takes place and then I begin playing with various textures and depth of texture I also have a step back and look process which can involve days of looking but not working, I walk a lot when I’m painting. When I have reached a balance once again the last step takes place. Using color is also a process. There are many changes of pallet as the painting grows therefore you will see a lot of glazing, which in my opinion,  adds to the translucency of the color. I am constantly adding and removing paint and the painting visually changes from start to finish. I work on it until suddenly it’s in balance and it’s done.