Granted a years worth of work is still crated and waiting for a chance to have a gallery show up north but two of them are on my walls . If you would like to take a closer look let me know when you would like to come to the studio.

I enjoy visitors, In fact this is the way I choose to market my work until I find the right gallery to take over the job. Now that the weather is getting better add a trip to your schedule. Just give me a call at your convenience and we will set it up.

The 3D series came about when I wanted to add my love of sculpture to my paintings. I came up with a way to create a large but lightweight piece of wall sculpture. It was then textured, gessoed and turned into a canvas that became a painting. It works.

The beauty of these pieces is they change throughout the day depending upon the light that throws shadows in different directions . They are hard to walk by without at least a small glance as the piece catches your attention,



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