Ed Jaffe Carves his Niche into Torrington

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Jaffe moved to Torrington last year in order to be a part of the obvious arts revival occurring here. Just off Torrington’s Highland Ave, Jaffe’s newly renovated and re-purposed studio holds all the magic of his prolific and successful career. Jaffe is an old school artist who recognized Torrington as a city reconceived in the mind of the 21st century artist. Like Great Barrington, Massachusetts and Portland, Oregon, Torrington struck Jaffe immediately as a community primed for fostering his particular artistic interests.

Burgeoning arts scene

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Artist Ed Jaffe, most recently from Virginia, almost didn't move here. He turned his back on the circa 1900 farmhouse along Highland Avenue four years ago, didn't think twice about a city he found stagnant, stuck romanticizing its factory-town past, drifting toward a seemingly inevitable decline. "It looked like it was dying," he said. He's changed his mind.

Fresh Inspiration: Marble Sculpture & Paintings by Ed Jaffe

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IN THE AFTERNOON LIGHT of his studio, Ed Jaffe paints a girl he saw years ago. He was strolling along an Ecuadorian when he spied her. Now the work is newly drawn and still colorless. Jaffe dabs white across the girl's shoulders. Screwing the lid back on a paint jar, he puts his brushes aside and changes into an old shirt. He passes through a hallway into another studio, this one with tall white walls and a floor coated with marble dust

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