I’ve seen this happen before. I’ll like what I’m working on and will spend a lot of time trying to make it move the eye better but after a while I end up just doodling around and not really accomplishing anything exciting.

After a few days of looking at it and I realize that it’s not doing what I want. I’m still happy with the basic skeleton but the painting is not working….So…I’ll do something that radically changes the pace of things and see where it leads me.

I’ll take photos of where I am so I can come back to that that if I really screw it up but then I’ll throw in something that changes the visual.It’s like suddenly taking a different turn in the road and you are seeing things you did not see before.

Now the painting is heading in a different direction.  I may end up turning around but this is a part of my process. It’s always experimental for me and eventually it will succeed or get painted over.


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