Do you ever get a small burn on your hands from the kitchen or anything else?.

Since I’ve been working with a hot glue gun on these new pieces I occasionally get careless and a drop of 400 degrees glue will drop onto my hand. Let me tell you that gets your attention. If I don’t get it off quick enough it can make a 3rd degree burn and it starts to cool almost immediately so it sticks to the skin.

That happened recently just before i walked up the block to have lunch. I figured that those kind of burns happen often in a commercial kitchen so i asked the chef what they do when they get a burn.

He said they put mustard on it. Before I could respond he went into the freezer and came out with a small container of plain yellow mustard. After putting a little on the burn and telling me to rub it in he gave me the bottle and told me to keep it in the studio.

Plain yellow mustard! It relieves the pain instantly and even stopped the skin from peeling off.

Tricks you ought to know. 🙂

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