For those of you who follow the site, I thought you might be interested in following the progress of this painting.

The process up to now is familiar to me as it resembles sculpture. From here on in it is strictly trial and error. In the beginning I lay in any color just to get something on the canvas. Using this method I can define sections of the composition. It’s possible to set up a certain balance but I’m not concerned with how it will develop as I know…I mean know… it will change several times.before the final pallet is established.

Right now the blues are way to hot but that can be fixed and in the end what is blue may not be blue so it doesn’t make any difference.. These colors are layed on pretty heavy so it will take a while to dry. When the surface is at least tacky I can begin to play around with it again.  As usual I know where I’m going when I start out but I haven’t the vaguest idea of where it will end up until there is nothing else to do on it.



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