I have given up on buying another property until spring…unless something new shows up. Everything that I was interested in has sold above my bid and the inventory is way down. I realize that as much as I want to leave this place in Virginia it is hard to beat what I already have so this becomes a matter of patience.

The surprising part of this adventure is the change in my mind set. For months I have been concentrating on finding a new property and as a result I have not been working. Yesterday I made up my mind to wait it out and I found myself in the studio.

I am working again. Not only that: I feel relaxed now that I am no longer sitting on the fence.

The geometry on the 3D painting I started last summer is now being worked out.

reclining-nude-fb-300x235and a new series of paintings is on the easel.


This is a detail of the first and very rough skeleton of the next painting. Now I will go into it applying texture and playing with color.  It will change a lot before it is finished . It’s all a matter of balance and every move affects the rest of the painting.

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