As difficult as it is to get all of this work packed and ready for the mover, it will be more difficult to find and organize everything once I get up there.

I was just going over some of the cartons to see how they are grouped. The items from the gallery are relatively easy.  This barn is large enough so pedestals can be off loaded in one spot, sculpture in another and paintings further in and on a higher level where the are sure to be dry.

The problem comes when I try to figure out where to put all of the paintings I’ve had hanging in the house. Many of them are my favorites and some of them have never been shown to the public. At one time I had 40 paintings hanging in the house as I had plenty of wall space and high ceilings. My new house, built in 1900, has smaller rooms and a fraction of the wall space. I am going to do some serious editing and still have a problem.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to reorganize the personal paintings and sculpture. They are marked to come in the house for later distribution but the movers will never have enough room to bring them into the house and still have room for furniture. I still don’t want them mixed with the others, … at least not yet. I’d like them in a separate area until such time as I get signed up with a new gallery or galleries. Then it will the decision of the gallery as to what gets shown.

I have had so much space here in VA that I never realized how many different work areas I have. The materials and tools from the gallery, sculpture studio, painting studio, workshop and storage…. all will need to be reorganized in the new facility.



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