As most of you know I have been spending much of my time working on the Artist Relocation Program in Torrington since I arrived here a little over a year ago . That program is now live and much of it has been turned back to the city for execution .

Recently we sent out a PR about the project and WTNH Channel 8 in CT. contacted us to do a video segment on the the town.

With their permission here it is.
You can skip to 1:20 for my piece or check out the 3 min clip which is well done.


I don’t care who you know, Ed Jaffe is the coolest man in town.

A sculptor and artist, he moved to Torrington a year ago, as the charter member of the city’s Artist Relocation program.

Torrington is one of just a few cities in the nation that blur the lines of zoning to accommodate artists.

“Where you could actually have a zoning permit to be able to buy a building, and put your artwork studio in it.”

What makes Torrington so attractive to the art community?

“Artists are beginning to realize that places like Torrington are within an hour of a very strong art market, and we have the right place, at the right time, at the right price.”

Video created by News 8 WTNH


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