If you have been following the progress you know that the studio is coming along. The roof has now been redone.

The inside has been insulated.



And the sheet-rock guys were supposed to come in on Monday to close the walls up. I opened the barn early and was ready for them. 9AM comes and I figure they are at the yard picking up materials. 10 AM comes and I start emailing my contractor. “Where are the men???” 11AM I give up and send an annoying email about wasting the day.

At noon I get an email back from the contractor,


It’s Sunday. See you at 8:30 tomorrow.

Funny as that was it was embarrassing as well…it had never occured to me that it might not be Monday. I even checked the NY Times on the internet to make sure it was actually Sunday.. Yep it is Sunday all right.

My apology was accepted . 🙂

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