So far I have scaled 2 of these up to very large paintings and I love the scale. They will be in my new show, which opens on October 27 at the gallery in Orange. You have an early heads up, as I won’t announce the show until the middle of the month.

I have just finished scaling up Sheffield #5. This platform is 4’x5′ on masonite.

Sheffield #5 ready to begin work.

I’ve started a large 3D based on one of the Sheffield sketches and the more I look at #5 I begin to see a 3D in this one as well.

Sketch for a new 3D piece.

I can see at least 2 more paintings coming from the Sheffield sketches. Most of them were tossed in the round file but what i kept has turned into a very productive series.

It all starts with drawings.

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