Years ago in Vermont and here in Orange I realized that if I choose to operate a metropolitan art gallery in a small town in the country I have to be open at the convenience of the collector. Most of the people who come to the gallery are on the road in one way or the other and coming into my space is their gift to me. In return since my studios are in the back of the building and I live in the connected townhouse I am here for them at almost any time. They may have to ring the gallery bell or in some cases call ahead but the gallery is open whenever anyone wants to enter. That’s what it’s here for.

Most people from out of town have no problem with the system. You can’t get into a street level gallery in Manhattan without ringing a bell so it is not unusual. Of course they have different reasons for that in NYC.. My reason is simple.

When I first came here I was open most days from 10AM to 5PM. Sitting the gallery meant I was not in the studio working. Orange is not a high traffic town and it became clear that it was only necessary to open when the traffic was there.That meant Saturdays. During the week a ringing door bell and my Shih Tzu’s alert get the lights on and the door open fast. It seems to work for everyone.

This sign is on the front door.

I have collectors across the country. Some of them have been following me for years. Some stop by once in a while, other just order a new piece by email. Some new collectors trip over me when they are in the area for an event or visiting a son at the Woodbury Forrest School and others were heading here when they decided to take a pleasant day trip from Northern Virginia, the coast or Maryland. Thank you all for making it work.  Stop by next time you are in town.

Call ahead and the lights will be on when you get here.


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