The work on this site has always been for sale but I have never had a proper vehicle to make that easy for you before now. As a test we have set up the “Limited Edition Prints” page to see if this works for you.

I have selected 5 paintings from my private collection and created a very short edition of canvas prints on each.

These are earlier pieces that are out of circulation. People have asked about them and this is a way to allow others to enjoy them. From a few feet away you cannot tell the canvas prints from the originals.

Check them out by clicking here Limited Edition Prints.  Contact me, if you would like to have one.

If this works I will put additional prints on the page and we will also be able to add originals to your collection though the same process.

As stated elsewhere on the site , I still think we ought to talk about it first to work out any kinks in the system and it will add the personal touch to the process that I think is so important in the production and collection of art.

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