I have received a commitment from the lender and the seller has agreed to make the repairs on the barn. Now we have to wait for the weather to get more agreeable up north so the work can begin. For the moment we have a closing date of May 9 or sooner. I prefer sooner if possible as the moving rates may go up in May.

I’ve been packing for weeks.

packed-paintings blog

Most of the paintings in the house are off the walls and the house looks naked. It’s like living in a place with no personality. At one point I had 40 paintings hanging in this place, The farm house has much smaller rooms so I will be doing a lot of editing when I get up there. Of course that will leave many of my favorite paintings available to the collecting public for the first time so it won’t be bad.

There is one more mover coming in today to estimate the project. Then I will make the decision on who will be moving my life’s work 425 miles. Once we get there the artwork and studio equipment will be off loaded into the barn. I have a lot of work to do in the house before I can even consider the next step. Like making a living 🙂

At times I feel I’m getting too old for this but it’s now or never. Each day I’m in better physical shape so it’s getting as little easier. When I get to the sculpture I’ll hire some muscle. Since I stopped cutting stone the old boy isn’t what he used to be.

In the meantime folks the gallery is still open for business. Give me a call when you would like to come over and the lights will be on when you get here.  As each piece gets packed it will be off the market until I get organized again up north. Come early for the best selection.

One more thing. My building on Main Street is still for sale. If you can find me a buyer I would appreciate it.


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