I’ve always referred to the camera as my  ” My Medici.”

With a camera around my neck I have done things and met people that I would never have met in a lifetime without it. To top it off, it was always fun and it also allowed me to learn to be a sculptor on my own time and at my own pace without having to be concerned with the demands of the art market. In that regard, I consider myself fortunate.

I refer to the Medici’s of Florence with a little bit of awe. Consider what they made possible by their support of the arts during the Italian renaissance. There aren’t many “Medicis” around these days but Leica, Hasselblad and Deardorf  came to support me in the same way as I developed my art and a second career.

Thinking of the renaissance kicked off a side thought,

If you have ever been to Florence and visited the Academy I’m sure you walked by the row of Michelangelo’s unfinished sculpture on the way to the end of the hall to look at his David. Did you know that on the back of one of the slaves my old friend Mike carved a small self portrait. When I found that I figured this great artist also had a down to earth sense of humor. Had the pope ever allowed him to complete these pieces the sketch would have been removed as he approached the finished skin of the figure… but it’s there and always will be .


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