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2018 Update

14 January 2018 For those of you who may have wondered what happened to me and my work… One year ago today I had a bad fall and I’ve been fighting the effects of that fall ever since . I hope to approach what I consider normal by this spring, I haven’t been able to produce any new work but as most of you know I have plenty of inventory. If you would like to collect another piece of my […]

Article that appeared in “Country and Abroad Magazine” . September 2017

A new artistic force had moved to Litchfield County. Ed Jaffe is one of our new best kept secrets and he feels that Torrington is not far behind. Jaffe has lived his life in 20 year cycles. 20 years to grow up. 20 years as a photographer in New York, 20 years learning to sculpt in Vermont and 20 years as an artist/gallery owner in Virginia. He moved to Torrington because it was time to come home to New England […]

An old piece of apple wood has come to life.

Over thirty years ago I cut down an apple tree that was dying because it was buried in the woods of my home in Vermont. Shortly after that I began carving marble. I made 3 major moves over the years and always carried that apple wood and some Brazilian rosewood with me. It ended up in Virginia and sat in a temperature controlled basement for 20 years until I made the move to CT. I figured I’d carve wood again […]

This is a piece from the past…. way past 🙂

I have this sculpture on my kitchen counter. The light was hitting it just right and I couldn’t resist adding this shot to my collection. My first “Mother and Child” carved in 1963 from a piece of  fire wood.

You are invited to an open studio reception.

Saturday, July 16 , 2-5PM Ed Jaffe Studio    561 Highland Ave.   Torrington, CT I will be showing paintings from the African Pottery series plus Abstract and the Marble Sculpture. I know that many of you are out of state and will not be able to attend but I want to keep you posted on what is going on here. On the recommendation of a friend I tried a few posts on a weekly basis but have taken them down as […]

My introduction to the collectors of Litchfield County.

My move is complete. I have managed to change the Zoning in Torrington and the Artist Relocation Program is established. That part of my job is done. I am now listed with the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council .http://www.artsnwct.org/rd_detail.php?ID=822 Lately I have started to concentrate on getting back into my creative mode, Oddly enough this has not been as easy as I thought it should be. I’ve been away from the studio long enough to break the rhythm . When I […]

Open invitation to visit the studio.

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up I’m starting to put some paintings back into the barn. As usual, the studio will be open to collectors, friends and the curious at your convenience. Just let me know when you would like to show up and the lights will be on when you get here.    Abstract #43    24″x30″ If you can’t make it to the studio, I can ship anything on the website anywhere. Contact me for […]

The paintings you missed in the past.

We hit 75 and sunny yesterday. That got me thinking about where my work is going this spring. What you create in the future is sometimes based upon what you have done in the past so that got me looking at some of my earlier work. What I am doing today is quite different from what I was doing 20 years ago but I still like that earlier work and thought you might want to see what was going on […]

These paintings are still available.

Back in the days before I began working in the abstract I produced a body of work that looked a lot different from what I am doing now. Looking back on some of them I still like the look and often say , “Did I really do that ? ” 🙂 One of the series was based on the African Pot, A few are still in my inventory or on my walls. If you would like to add an early […]

The buds are on the lilac trees.

In a few weeks the yard will look like this again. This piece is hydraulic concrete over welded steel. I call it “Sail On” after one of my oldest friends who , as a sailor, would sign all correspondence with those two words . We were able to mount this piece last year when there was a backhoe on property doing some other work. I hope to mount three more large pieces of marble this spring. Then the outdoor sculpture […]

Check out the new Home Page

For those of you who visit the site often this is not news but welcome to all who only follow the email notifications for the blog. Have a nice trip through  https://edjaffe.com/ and stay in touch.

Are you aware that I have been doing something new?

Granted a years worth of work is still crated and waiting for a chance to have a gallery show up north but two of them are on my walls . If you would like to take a closer look let me know when you would like to come to the studio. I enjoy visitors, In fact this is the way I choose to market my work until I find the right gallery to take over the job. Now that the […]

Recent PR for the Artist Relocation Program

As most of you know I have been spending much of my time working on the Artist Relocation Program in Torrington since I arrived here a little over a year ago . That program is now live and much of it has been turned back to the city for execution . Recently we sent out a PR about the project and WTNH Channel 8 in CT. contacted us to do a video segment on the the town. With their permission […]

My website has been redone. Check it out.

Now that the Artist Relocation Project is underway I have turned most of it over to the city. That leaves room in the schedule for me to really get back to work, I’m going to finally finish that piece of apple that’s been staring at me for too long and there are 2 paintings that need some more work. Once I get that done I’m open to the next body of work which will be similar but different. I have […]

The Love of Marble

I thought you might enjoy seeing how it all begins. I’ve been here. Exciting is an understatement. Here is how the marble comes out of the mountain. These mega ton blocks are then loaded onto flat bed trucks and drivers with more nerve than can be imagined drive down this road to get to the bottom of the mountain. Eventually the marble is cut or sliced into manageable sizes and at the bottom of the process sculptors like me can […]

A Time of Transition.

The studio is in the beginning of the winter transition. More buttoning up in the barn and the beginning of new paintings and sculpture.   So far I have had two shows since I have been in CT. This summer at Five Points Gallery in Torrington and not too long ago I introduced the studio to about 50 people who came to see what I have been up to in the barn. Both were great fun. Some of you may remember […]

Ed Jaffe Carves his Niche into Torrington

Jaffe moved to Torrington last year in order to be a part of the obvious arts revival occurring here. Just off Torrington’s Highland Ave, Jaffe’s newly renovated and re-purposed studio holds all the magic of his prolific and successful career. Jaffe is an old school artist who recognized Torrington as a city reconceived in the mind of the 21st century artist. Like Great Barrington, Massachusetts and Portland, Oregon, Torrington struck Jaffe immediately as a community primed for fostering his particular artistic interests.

An invitation to visit the studio.

A reminder that the studio is always open for friends, collectors and the curious. Whenever you expect to be close to Torrington email or call and we can set up a visit at your convenience. Fall is a beautiful time to be in New England. Email: sculpture@edjaffe.com      Cell: 914-715-2055 I’m still working on the barn but it’s ready for visitors.  I think you will find it a unique combination of studio and exhibit space.  When you visit you will […]

A new beginning

Getting ready for a show is always exciting. Taking it down is anti climatic .  Then you recycle and get in position to create the next body of work. I am at that point now and ready to go. I’ve begun 2 new paintings. This painting has all of the texture applied and is ready for color. The drawing on this one is complete and now I search out the 3rd dimension and texture. At this point I spend a […]

A reminder: “It’s showtime folks.”

My first gallery reception since I moved back north will be this Friday, July 17th, 6-8PM at the Five Points Gallery in Torrington, CT. If you are close enough to make the trip I hope to see you there.

Welcome to my first show since moving north.

Five Points Gallery at 33 Main Street in Torrington, CT   July 2- August 1 2015 The opening reception will be on July 17th,  6-8 PM. I will be showing only Marble Sculpture at this exhibit .  If you would like to see more of my sculpture and paintings the studio is open by appointment so give me a call or email and we will set it up. Cell: 914-715-2055 sculpture@edjaffe.com  

The Gate Has Opened.

You may remember that I was working on the 3D painting started before I left Virginia. That piece has been a stumbling block for me. It just didn’t want to get finished. Because of that it has been difficult to move on to something new. Finally it is done and I’ve already begun two new paintings, a piece of wood sculpture, mounted “Sail On” in the field and I’m preparing the work for my show in July. My move is […]

“Sail On” In The Field

The weather finally got good enough to do some necessary yard work. While I had the backhoe and the driver here it was a good time to mount the first of my outdoor sculptures in the field.  Love it. There are others that will see the light of  day in time but I want to enjoy this solo for a while. Remember you all have an invitation to visit the studio when you get into CT. Just let me know […]

I still have an inventory of marble sculpture.

Just to remind old friends and new collectors who are not familiar with my work, I carved Marble for 35 years until I had to stop a few years ago thanks to getting older. 🙂 One of my favorite pieces is “Musashi”. He has watched over my property since I carved him back in 1990. The piece in the background is “Enclosed Figure #2”. It is carved in Portuguese Marble and is a perfect outdoor piece. I still have marble […]

My move is now complete.

It’s been a long and difficult year as I packed all of my work and made the move to CT. The barn has been restored to the point where I have workable studios. The 100 year old house finally feels like home and I’m working again. All is well. My studio will be open for your visit . Whenever you get close to Torrington, CT. contact me and we will set it up. The Five Points Gallery in Torrington has […]

Presentation for March 2015

To my friends and collectors local and across the country. The snow is melting, I can see my driveway once more. My move is over and I’m working again. As always my studio is open to friends, collectors and the curious by appointment. If you get anywhere near Torrington, CT give me a call or email when it is convenient for you and we’ll set it up. In the meantime check out this YouTube to get a reminder of what […]

Finding new form

I was cleaning up some files and came across this article. It was published about the last one man show I had in Virginia. It was before my move and I found it interesting. I thought you might like it as well. I was fortunate to be able to save most of the mentioned pieces and they are now stored at the farm in Torrington , CT.  If you would like to visit the studio give me  a call or […]

I’m ready for visits.

Those of you who have been following the progress of my move from VA to CT know that it has been a slow process. Ive done as much as I can for this season and the studios are ready for me to get back to work. I know it’s a trip for most of you but you just need a reason to head north instead of south. 🙂  I’d look forward to your visit. Stay in touch through my website […]

Double Header: New website and a front page article on my move.

I invite you to check out my new web site. This is a work in progress, like most of my work, so any comments that can improve it will be appreciated . I’d like to thank Alec Johnson of the Republican-America for a well written introduction. 65000 people now know there is a new guy in town . Click here to read “Burgeoning Arts Scene“. Sign up to follow my blog below.

The painting studio is finally ready for work.

What I thought would take two weeks ended up taking two months but the painting studio is finally ready for work. The piece on the easel was where I left off so many months ago when the packing for this move began, The skeleton remains the same but I’ll be willing to bet that the final result will change as my environment has changed and that affects the work. Getting started again will take some time. I’ll begin with sketches […]

The painting studio is almost ready for new work.

If you recall the room where I decided to construct my painting studio started out looking like this. I thought the job would take two weeks but it ended up taking two months. When the crew was finished it looked like this, As soon as the electricians had mounted the ceiling fixtures I began to move my supplies into the studio. I still haven’t found all of them but they are packed in the barn… somewhere. As of this morning […]

I’m getting too wrapped up in this renovation.

If you have been following the progress you know that the studio is coming along. The roof has now been redone. The inside has been insulated.   And the sheet-rock guys were supposed to come in on Monday to close the walls up. I opened the barn early and was ready for them. 9AM comes and I figure they are at the yard picking up materials. 10 AM comes and I start emailing my contractor. “Where are the men???” 11AM […]

The painting studio is coming along.

It was difficult to get my team started but once they came in I was glad I waited for them. I have done several projects like this over the years and these men are the best craftsmen I have ever worked with. This is what we started with. Once the ceiling was ripped out it became apparent that it was not going to be as easy as I thought. The superstructure holding up the roof was slightly over built. The […]

I’m writing this on Thursday morning.

I’m a couple of weeks behind schedule but the crew has finally begun work in the barn. The first step is to gut the old “milk room” and turn it into a painting studio, I can touch the present ceiling and the room is almost claustrophobic. We will be removing that and the superstructure above it, adding post and beam to hold up the roof and then rewiring the room. Whoops!!; My first surprise came after the ceiling was ripped […]

Update on the move to CT.

It’s been a while but I finally can see the end of this move. There are still some stray items that have to be resolved …like selling the property in Orange and converting the barn in CT but I can finally see the new house without it being cluttered with cartons and packing materials. The whole process has taken its toll but I will recover. The packing process began several months ago . At first I was doing it all […]

With the help of 2 young men I can now see the end.

As difficult as it is to get all of this work packed and ready for the mover, it will be more difficult to find and organize everything once I get up there. I was just going over some of the cartons to see how they are grouped. The items from the gallery are relatively easy.  This barn is large enough so pedestals can be off loaded in one spot, sculpture in another and paintings further in and on a higher […]

Noon Sunday. Now I can take the rest of the day off.

I had planned to take the heaviest pieces off the pedestals and get them on them onto dollies so they would be ready to move if I still have them comes the day. I haven’t used the crane in months and much to my dismay the hydraulic fluid had leaked out of the jack and it couldn’t lift anything. At least I hoped that was the problem. Otherwise it meant buying a new crane as they don’t make the hydraulic […]

It looks like CT is going to happen.

I have received a commitment from the lender and the seller has agreed to make the repairs on the barn. Now we have to wait for the weather to get more agreeable up north so the work can begin. For the moment we have a closing date of May 9 or sooner. I prefer sooner if possible as the moving rates may go up in May. I’ve been packing for weeks. Most of the paintings in the house are off […]

Big changes are coming.

Looks like the story is going to change a bit over the next several weeks. I just came back from a trip to CT and I have a contract on a farm house and barn up there. Once everything is finalized I’ll begin writing a diary on this blog to keep you up to date on what is happening. It is possible that I will be moving this spring. It could still fall apart but for now the deal looks […]

Time for an update

For those who may have been wondering why I haven’t posted any new work lately.  A virus hit me on the day before Christmas. That progressed into vertigo and I’ve been fighting it ever since. When it’s not comfortable to stand up it obviously does not lend itself to creating art so the past few weeks have been more about thinking than doing. I’m much better now but this is a tenacious bug and it’s hard to beat. I’ll bring […]

Progress Report

Construction is going well on the new 3D piece which has a working title of “Reclining Nude” but as usual I’m only good for an hour or two before I really have to think about what the next step is and how to do it. At that point I walk away from it and head into the painting studio. I’m not working on a particular series at the moment so I was just playing around as a tension relief from […]

I think it’s finished.

The painting is at the stage where I don’t know what to do next so it may be finished, I’ll have to look at it for a while before I sign it. It’s also untitled . When my son Marc was a child a stranger once asked him what one of my sculptures was supposed to be. His answer was, “If there is one hole in it, it’s an abstract. If there are two holes in it, it’s a Mother […]

At a certain point you take a leap of faith.

I’ve seen this happen before. I’ll like what I’m working on and will spend a lot of time trying to make it move the eye better but after a while I end up just doodling around and not really accomplishing anything exciting. After a few days of looking at it and I realize that it’s not doing what I want. I’m still happy with the basic skeleton but the painting is not working….So…I’ll do something that radically changes the pace […]

The first coat of color is on… it will change.

For those of you who follow the site, I thought you might be interested in following the progress of this painting. The process up to now is familiar to me as it resembles sculpture. From here on in it is strictly trial and error. In the beginning I lay in any color just to get something on the canvas. Using this method I can define sections of the composition. It’s possible to set up a certain balance but I’m not […]

This is the fun part.

I’ve completed the texturing on a yet untitled new painting. This part of the process is purely intuitive. There are favorite tools and materials that I use but what goes where is done a section at a time and each piece of the puzzle depends on what happened the day before. If the next day I decide something didn’t work , it is fixable. What I have now is pretty close to where this part of the project is going […]

Getting ready for fall and working again.

I have given up on buying another property until spring…unless something new shows up. Everything that I was interested in has sold above my bid and the inventory is way down. I realize that as much as I want to leave this place in Virginia it is hard to beat what I already have so this becomes a matter of patience. The surprising part of this adventure is the change in my mind set. For months I have been concentrating […]

The Andean

This piece has been relatively dormant since last summer. Eventually, I found myself walking into the studio after dinner and just looking at the painting. One day I picked up a piece of oil pastel and made a few marks on it. A day or two later I added some more color and after that each evening I’d walk in and make corrections; sometimes taking a few minutes, sometimes a bit longer. I wasn’t rushing it but I was working […]


For those of you who might be wondering what happened to the new work I told you was coming along; I have to admit I have been distracted. I spent over a year working on the 3d body of work and since July I have been thinking about the next piece but not working on it.  I’m spending most of my time looking for and trying to buy a new place in New England.  So far I’ve lost out on […]

Almost like carving marble…a little piece at a time

I began “The Andean” a few weeks ago as a form of therapy. Since then I have spent more time looking at it than working on it. Every once in a while I would see something I wanted to add and in 10 minute spurts it has finally begun to add some meat to the bones. It may change several times before it’s done but it’s getting interesting.

The blog goes verbal

I’ve got a story to tell. Many of you know that I have been trying to sell my place in Orange and move back north. There is a way that might let me buy a place up there while I still hold this one so I began exploring the possibilities. Eventually I found a property in the Berkshires that really turned me on. It was a perfect 1920 farmhouse with unusually large rooms and a connected barn. I spent a […]

The best-laid plans sometimes go astray.

In case you have been wondering where I have been…… Shorty after I posted the last piece my 15-year-old dog developed an incurable heart problem and I had to put him down. It’s amazing how something like that can affect a grown man.  It’s been a few weeks and I still don’t feel like tackling the discipline required to create a 3D piece. In creeping back into the work ethic however, I decided to take on something familiar.  This is […]

The process has begun again.

I knew it would happen. Over the weekend I found myself in the studio working on something new. There is still one more painting that is on the easel but my interest went back to the 3D series. I had been making some sketches for the next piece and finally reached the point where it was ready to be scaled up to 32″x 40″.  I’m sure it will change as the lines turn into elevations and planes but I have […]

Priming the Pump

I’ve noticed in the past that when I finish a piece that takes several weeks to finish I find it difficult to get into the rhythm of working on something new. There is a gestation period every time. Sometimes I play around with color and shape just to prime the pump and get the juices flowing again. This piece began with a few broad swipes with soft pastels. They were fixed a few times and then I began to add […]

New! Limited Edition Prints Now Available!

The work on this site has always been for sale but I have never had a proper vehicle to make that easy for you before now. As a test we have set up the “Limited Edition Prints” page to see if this works for you. I have selected 5 paintings from my private collection and created a very short edition of canvas prints on each. These are earlier pieces that are out of circulation. People have asked about them and […]

The first of the new series is completed.

Often, when I’m starting a new series I go back to something I have done before to get the juices flowing. In this case I based the original drawing for this painting on a completed 3D painting. Once it was scaled up it began to change. Not a lot, but enough to make it work. I was now on comfortable ground where the object was to get as much 3 dimensional illusion as I could on that flat surface. I’ve […]

Sheffield #6 is finally complete…I think.

I plan to live with it for a while before I show it to see if anything else comes up. This is the largest piece in the series so far. Now that I know how to construct the sculpture, size is no longer an issue. I am limited only by the size of my material. I have to admit that painting them is a challenge due to the many changes in elevation. On the other hand that same problem is […]

Sheffield #6 is Finally Moving Along.

It’s interesting when you have to leave a piece just as it is beginning to develop. Due to construction in the painting studio I was forced to stop working on this for a few weeks. The underlying sculpture didn’t change but when I began painting again the palette took a giant leap in a different direction.  No matter how much I tried I couldn’t hold the original color scheme. The paint kept going on and then it was wiped off […]

Earlier work finds a place to rest.

Over the past few weeks the painting studio has been torn up and redone. Everything is now pristine and it’s ready to get messed up again. With the place stripped down it was easy to see that the back corner would be a perfect place to store some of my earlier work. I find it interesting that over the years the subject matter may have changed but the palette has remained the same. There is over 30 years represented here […]

An Interlude on Canvas.

In between working on the 3D series I’ll often begin a painting on canvas as a way of relaxing from the mental exercise of assembling the many small pieces that make up the new 3D paintings. These paintings also have a growth pattern since the final painting rarely looks exactly like the original drawing and the palette always changes since I never know where it’s going to end up when I start. The fun and the contest in doing these […]

Did you ever create a meal from leftovers?

I got side tracked from working on the Sheffield #6 piece while the base color was drying. While cleaning up all of the small pieces cut from the shapes used in that sculpture I began to wonder what would happen if I started to hot glue some of them together. There were all kinds of triangles, straight and tapered pieces, as well as many curves that came from correcting the cuts made during construction. I didn’t want to go too […]

A long shot to test the power of networking.

Many of you are aware that my building in Orange has been on the market for a while. The usual MLS listings have not managed to produce the right buyer and I’m convinced that the person ready to step into this space will be from out of the area so I’m trying the things I haven’t thought of yet. If you introduce me to a potential buyer and we go to closing I’m sure we can come up with a […]

My collection of limited edition canvas prints.

Just a reminder. Along with the new work I am doing I have created a series of limited edition canvas prints. I’m only doing 10 of each. These are printed on canvas, mounted, framed and ready for hanging. They are numbered, signed and dated on the back . To get started I have reproduced 5 of my favorite paintings for your consideration. I am delighted with the accuracy of the color match and detail in these canvas prints. Prices are […]

The last of the Sheffield series from July.

The roughs that I kept from my trip to the Berkshires last summer have turned into some interesting paintings. For the time being that series is finished. There was one in the group that I felt would make an interesting 3D painting. It had to wait its turn but I finally got around to enlarging that sketch. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and the construction is done, the texturing is finished. Now I’m on to the […]

What fun to be able to see well again!

Between the time that I started this painting and I finished it I had cataract surgery. I’ve been putting it off for 2 years and now that it’s done I wish I had done it sooner. The surgery was fast and uncomplicated and when the doctor took the patch off the next day I was able to see sharper and cleared than I have for over 40 years… and without glasses. If you ever need this operation, don’t hesitate, It’s […]

A video showing the process used to create “Sheffield #5”

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qa1JSVeB9Y[/youtube] I thought you might be interested in seeing the process I use in creating most of my paintings. Of the several rough sketches I kept from the Sheffield series this is #5. The next one is already in progress. I’d like to call one thing to your attention on the video, There is one section when the painting is morphing that might seem too long. Pay attention here and you will see the final changes taking place in the […]

Ed Jaffe Studio: 3D Video Tour Of The October Show

[youtube]http://youtu.be/r_xW_2mocX4 [/youtube] Because of “Sandy” many of you were not able to attend the opening reception on October 27. I’ve produced this video so I can bring the show to you. It will be up at least until the end of the year. If you would like to check it out, give me a call and the lights will be on when you get here. As you know, I have been working on the 3D pieces for about a year. […]

Review of the 3D show.

The opening reception for my new show took place last weekend before the arrival of that huge storm; it was well received by those who were able to make it. The 3D paintings attracted a lot of attention and many questions; which is exactly what I had hoped for. They are different from anything most have seen across the art spectrum. One couple mentioned that the more they looked at them the more they were drawn into the work.   Fantastic. […]

The new show is up and ready to go.

This article just came out. http://www2.orangenews.com/lifestyles/orange-news/2012/oct/24/finding-new-form-ar-2308754/ We are still tweaking the new website but here is the 3D page. https://edjaffe.com/galleries/3d-wall-sculpture. “It’s showtime folks” Saturday, October 27 5-8 PM at the gallery in Orange.

A shape from the past.

I’ve got 2 large pieces working now. Another large Sheffield painting and a 3D from the same series. As a counter point to those pieces I began something that was less intense as a way to relax.The drawing was rather straight forward as I just let it happen instead of constructing it as I usually do. An earlier shape appeared and I went on from there. What happened next was rather interesting. The hue kept changing as I rebalanced the […]

Strange the way the mind works sometimes.

While working on the Sheffield series I sometimes walk away from the 5 foot paintings and play with something smaller. This one was based on an oil sketch I made several weeks ago. The progression away from the original was rather interesting and for a while I couldn’t figure out why I kept changing it. When i finished the painting this morning it occurred to me that this is another of the San Pablo Senora paintings. The first one was […]

I’m having a ball with the Sheffield series

So far I have scaled 2 of these up to very large paintings and I love the scale. They will be in my new show, which opens on October 27 at the gallery in Orange. You have an early heads up, as I won’t announce the show until the middle of the month. I have just finished scaling up Sheffield #5. This platform is 4’x5′ on masonite. I’ve started a large 3D based on one of the Sheffield sketches and […]

Sheffield #4 is finished.

I actually didn’t have as much left to do on this as I thought, just enough to make a difference and tighten it up. The toughest part was getting it onto the stretchers. This is the first time i tried to stretch a painting this large and let me tell you… it’s work. In the future I think I’ll stick with masonite or buy the canvas already stretched and primed. I have at least 2 more of the Sheffield sketches […]

The Sheffield Series Continues

This is # 4 in the series. It is on canvas and will ultimately be stretched on a 4’x5′ frame. As I’ve said before, I usually put on any color to start just to get away from white and then I begin to re balance. In order to fill the larger fields I began with paint sticks and medium. I find that I can get a quick idea of where this is going when I work that way. Once the […]

The Sheffield series is taking on a new scale.

I looks as if the sketches I made when I was in MA this summer are going to be the source of several paintings and at least one 3D wall hanging. There is an interesting process involved as I use the preliminary sketch to produce others in the same family and then go to color. If I like what happens I then consider going larger with the concept. In this case I cut and primed a piece of 1/4 inch […]

The wall sculpture and paintings are back in production.

It took a while to get into the rhythm of working after a month away from the studio but the flow if now pretty steady. Before I completed the 3D piece I was working on I started 2 large paintings based on the Sheffield sketches. One is 4’x6’ and the other 4’x5’. I find the scale of these paintings interesting… and a lot of exercise 🙂 .  I’ll keep you posted as they develop. In the meantime this is where […]

Another follow up on Carrara

In the post I wrote in January I tried to describe the road the truckers had to navigate when they brought stone down from the mountain. I just came across this photo which will show you just how dangerous it is. No guard rails and a sheer drop. by Ed Jaffe | Published January 25, 2012 After running the post on Carrara yesterday I began to think about what an interesting place this is.  In a sense it is a […]

PS on my trip to the Berkshires

I was extremely surprised when my two granddaughters presented me with a fantastic Jackson Pollock. The kicker is …they did the painting. Kara who is 7 did the brush flicking and Genna who was 10 at the time did all of the swirls and over painting.  It took them a long time and both were well covered with splashing paint before it was done but WOW!  What a job for such talented young ladies. I had to share this.  

A month away and some new sketches

I’m back from a month in the Berkshires of MA. This has been a perfect refueling stop. I’ve spent enjoyable time with my family, scouted most of the towns in the southern Berkshires for a possible replacement property if I ever sell my place in Virginia, managed to see a terrific production of “A Chorus Line” and the Paul Taylor dance group and even had time to do some sketching for another series of paintings. An interesting process developed as […]

#11 gets a few coats of paint.

As usual I laid in a color scheme just to get something to work on. Then I began to change it. I’m not very good at preconceiving the finished color at first shot but I’m able to make it happen once I get a base to work with and as long as I stay fluid in my approach. Put the paint on. Take some of it off and repeat until it comes into balance. My colors are always changing. Sometimes […]

Working on #11 in the wall series

Once the basic construction is completed and the blending and texturing has been applied it becomes important to get rid of any flaws before moving on. If I get in a hurry at this point it will be difficult to camouflage any rough spots later. After working on a piece for a few weeks there is a natural tendency to want to get on with the painting. When that happens I walk away from the project so I can reconsider. […]

Geisha #2 is now finished.

As stated in the last post , It was my intent to use a hot palette on this piece to counter the very cool colors of the first Geisha.. I actually started off that way and was using very warm reds, yellows and orange along with white. It didn’t stay that way very long because I’m really not comfortable with that color scheme. It may have been fine for most people but it was too hot for me. The pieces […]

Geisha #2 is ready for painting.

As usual this piece has been “finished” several times. I’ve found that when I’m working white on white in the beautiful light of the sculpture studio it is difficult to see flaws that would jump out once I put some paint on it. The soft light and the surface reflection can hide imperfections like candle light at an intimate dinner. The way I get around that is to bring the piece into another room and hit it with a hard […]

The End of Phase One on Geisha #2.

The rough construction of Geisha #2 is now complete. Over the next several days the joints will disappear… sort of. I’ll be working on it as a sculptor and using knives, rasps and abrasives to blend the separate parts as much as possible. At this stage no matter what I do there will be cracks, small holes and irregular surfaces that don’t match, Once I get the piece cleaned up I will begin working on it with fillers which will, […]

It’s very rare that the first cut works.

A few posts back I showed you the drawing for Geisha #2. I’m going to follow the progress of the piece on here for those of you who have said you are interested in the process. All others can come along 🙂 Each of my wall sculptures involve many individual pieces cut and hot glued to create the rough form. You would think that once you have an accurate drawing all you would have to do is copy each shape […]

We run constanly in our flight to stand still.

The title line comes from a prologue i wrote to a short film I did on why i was ready to leave Manhattan. It was sometime in the late 60’s. After I had left and moved to a small town in Vermont many of my friends and associates asked why I would give up a successful career to start over as a sculptor. About that time I came across this story and used it to answer their question. If you […]

The cycle begins again.

I’ve always been amazed at the way the creative juices flow.. at least with me. When I get into a series the work will move from one piece to another over a period of months. I will sometimes be working on 2 or 3 pieces at the same time. Then, one day, I just don’t feel like working so I find other things to do. The piece which is almost finished is staring at me but I know if I […]

What’s going on today?

I’m now up to number eight on the new series . Each one takes about a month to complete and I’m shooting toward 12 of them before I try to arrange a gallery show somewhere other than my own place. There are two reasons for that. As many of you know I’ve been trying to sell my building in Orange so I can move north. I may very well be here in 4 months when I reach my goal but […]

The painted wall sculpture moves to a different level..

After working on three of the new pieces the process of constructing the wall sculpture has become more familiar. It doesn’t speed up mind you because I still have to figure out each element as it goes together but now I know how to do it . The sketch I made for this piece was definitely figurative but very abstract . It didn’t come together until I enlarged it to 40 “. In the process of correcting the drawing my […]

Introducing My 3 Demensional Paintings.

Until now I have been showing the growth pattern of the 3D series on my Studio Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/edjaffegallery For those of you new my work I’ll try to do some catch up . My paintings have always had a geometric look. As a sculptor I have also used a great deal of texture on the surface . My goal has been to create as much 3 dimension as possible on a 2 dimensional plane. For quite some time I […]

Out of contex but you have to see this.

I’ve been to Ecuador several times and have driven past more that one volcano but i never saw anything like this. Amazing. http://io9.com/5898440/theres-so-much-awesome-in-this-photograph-i-can-hardly-stand-it

You Are Now Caught Up. On to Phase Two

By following this blog and checking my page on Facebook. (You can do that by clicking the F on the top of the page) you are probably aware  of two things going on in my career at the present time. The one which is the most fun is the new series of painted wall sculpture. I haven’t said much about it on the blog because I was busy telling you stories that would bring you up to date on me […]

Cure for small burns

Do you ever get a small burn on your hands from the kitchen or anything else?. Since I’ve been working with a hot glue gun on these new pieces I occasionally get careless and a drop of 400 degrees glue will drop onto my hand. Let me tell you that gets your attention. If I don’t get it off quick enough it can make a 3rd degree burn and it starts to cool almost immediately so it sticks to the […]

There is rarely anything new out there.

The last post got me thinking about how the current series of painted wall sculpture came about. As I looked back on it I was surprised to see a definite evolution that proved there is rarely anything new out there. Everything we do in art is based on something that we or someone else has done before. I have to admit that I don’t remember what lead to this but over 20 years ago I began to play around with […]

Painting doesn’t come easy.

Creating sculpture has always seemed a natural thing to do. Taking stone away from a block of marble and allowing a form to come alive just seemed to happen once I started carving. I should say used to happen as I had to stop carving marble a few years ago. Using power tools for 40 years raised hell with my hands so now that part of my life is over. As usual when I reach the end of one project […]

From my personal collection.

( Sorry About the multiple emails you may have received. I was having trouble with my server.) I went to Guatemala the first time in search for exotic hard woods. I had been sculpting with them for years but the sources dried up as the third world countries began to realize that the money was in veneering .They kept the logs at home and set embargoes against shipping anything bigger than 5/4 thick off shore. Some of the practices made […]

It’s always dark in there. That’s because the lights are not on.

Years ago in Vermont and here in Orange I realized that if I choose to operate a metropolitan art gallery in a small town in the country I have to be open at the convenience of the collector. Most of the people who come to the gallery are on the road in one way or the other and coming into my space is their gift to me. In return since my studios are in the back of the building and […]

The Morphing of My Painting Styles

I’ve been giving some thought to how I moved from what I used to paint to what I’m doing now. As usual with me there was a slow unplanned process. All of my drawings and some paintings were initially done as preliminary studies for sculpture. From a painters point of view I found the sculpture paintings rather boring so I began to put geometric overlays in them. First behind the subject and then on top of them to see what […]

A Yankee Moves To Virginia

I am often asked what made me move from Vermont to Virginia. The short answer is this, I blew my knees and couldn’t ski anymore. The long answer is a little more complicated. A few years before it happened I began to think of where I might go if I did leave Vermont. I didn’t want to go back to New York as my life had changed since my days in the city. I had been reading about the rapid […]

Here’s something for you wood sculptors to try.

Back the early eighties I was sculpting in many mediums to see what I would like vs what I didn’t like. I didn’t like fiberglass. I loved carving wood. I was getting educated in going from clay to bronze and at the time enjoyed the process. The people at Modern Art Foundry in New York were very good and giving as they taught me how to chase and patina my pieces. I got pretty good at it… which brings up […]

Exotic woods that no one knows are on St Croix

I remember visiting some friends in St Croix, Virgin Islands one winter in the early 70’s. They told me there was this ”hippie type guy” out on the end of the island who had exotic woods native to the island laying all over the place. That was enough for me to rent a car and drive out there to find him. What I found left me feeling like a kid in a candy store without a penny to buy a […]

The evolution of Musashi in Marble

When I purchased the 18th Century house in Chester, VT it required a total restoration. The first thing I had to attend to was the Maple tree that was too large and too close to the building. When it was planted almost 200 years before the proportions might have grown into something that looked well but now it overpowered everything and had to go. There is an interesting process involved in taking one of these large trees down safely. We […]

Don’t throw your drawings away.

I wonder how many artists out there do what I used to do. For many years I would throw away my preliminary sketches and quite often I’d trash a drawing after it had been committed to a painting because I figured it had no more value. I was wrong. When this painting was done I put the drawing aside and lost track of it. I wish now that I had kept it as it had a life of it’s own. […]

I wish I had kept more paintings.

I did some paintings in the 50’s that were good enough to give away but I never thought about selling them. Painting in those years was only a hobby. I was making my living with a camera.  If a friend said they liked a painting it was theirs. I don’t even know where those paintings are today. When I look back at that work it is easy for me to see the first instances of what I ended up creating […]

Sold…. to a collector in Colorado

This sale brought to my attention the fact that the internet may work after all. [:-) When you consider that I cut my teeth in print during the 50’s and 60’s this electronic world is relatively new to me. Although I sometimes come into it kicking and screaming my sons are slowly convincing me that there is a whole world out there that can be reached with the click of a mouse. Although most of the people who are following […]

When is a sea shell not a sea shell.

Back in the 80’s I was working on a series of sculpture that was based on broken sea shells . What I produced then still has an influence on my work. I’ve always had an interest in the symmetry of shells but I was never interested in producing that perfection. The search for new material gave me a very good excuse to travel to places that were known for beautiful sea shells. Places like Islamorada in the Florida Keys and […]

What’s going on today?

I’m re-posting my earliest blog so people new to the site can have the introduction. For those of you who are new to this site and my work there are 3 of my interviews elsewhere on this site. They should give you all of the history that you need. It all began here. Big changes have taken place in the past few years. The main one is the fact that I had to stop carving marble. Using power tools for […]

The elm sculpture in Vermont

One day when I was living in Vermont I remember driving through Putney on my way to Brattleboro. As I drove down the Putney Road I passed a crew taking down a very large Elm tree. I was carving wood in those days and that looked very interesting. I flipped around, approached the foreman and asked if I could have a section of the stem. He said, “Sure. How big?” This was a beautiful straight tree and I said, “How […]

The Creative Block

After talking to many artists over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that all of us; painters, sculptors, writers , etc. face a blank wall every once in a while when nothing happens. Each person handles that in their own way and most of us find that there is more work to be done on the other side once we find the door. I tend to work in bodies of work. In the beginning I do a lot of […]

Getting Stone from Portugal

Getting stone from Portugal was a real problem early on. Most of the established artist had left Portugal during the revolution in 1974. When things settled down they already had a life in New York, London and Brazil so they did not come back. On one trip I was even offered a spot in one of Lisbon’s major art galleries if I would move there. That was not going to happen . During this time the quarries forgot how to […]

Follow up on Carrara

After running the post on Carrara yesterday I began to think about what an interesting place this is.  In a sense it is a typical factory town but here the product comes off the top of mountains. The majority of the people in Carrara are involved, one way or the other, in getting that beautiful stone quarried or finished and on to market. I was fascinated with the process. The men who work the quarries have a most exciting and […]

My first trip to Carrara.

Carrara : Where the mountain tops look snow covered: and the rivers run white…. It’s marble. I had been to Italy before but this time I was there to buy some stone. That meant finding my way to Carrara from Florence. The beauty of the European rail system is you can go to any place from anywhere conveniently. My route took me to the west and I got a good look at the leaning tower of Pisa as we hooked […]

What’s going on today?

If you would like to keep up with my work on a more current basis head over to my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/edjaffegallery and become a fan by hitting the ”like” button.  If you are not yet a member over there it’s easy to sign up. For the past few months I have been working on something new, I’m making a 3 dimensional wall sculpture and then painting it as I do on my regular paintings. It takes about a […]

My first attempt working in clay. Marc’s head.

Marc has never been able to sit still for too long. Even at 5-6 months old. I had been sculpting for about 2 years when he was born in 1960. The work in wood had given me enough confidence to try to do a portrait in clay of my new son. Hah!. What a challenge that was. Aside from learning a new medium I was trying to portray a moving target. For several weeks I would set him in front […]

In search of the Conquistadores

Why would a sculptor who paints want to visit the dry barren west side of Spain called Estremadura? In my case I was following the thread back from the rape of the Mayan and Inca people to the source. I wanted to see where these guys came from. It was this desolate country that gave birth to Cortez, Pizarro and the rest of the Conquistadores. In one respect the whole conquest was a venture of desperation on their part . […]

First trip to Guatemala

So what happened when my favorite woods from Africa, Central and South America became unavailable in the sizes I wanted? I figured I’d go to the source . I had never been there before but I booked a trip to Guatemala. Didn’t know what to expect. Didn’t know anyone. Had no idea where to look for a supplier. It was a strange way to start a trip but going on photo shoots all those years , usually to places I […]

1988: The end of wood sculpture and the beginning of stone.

In 1988 I was carving a series based on African Art. i carved this piece out of Macacumba wood from Africa. It is 15.5″x 15″x 6.5″. there was something humorous about it in my mind and i titled it, ” Before it was Picasso it was African”. Shortly after I finished this it became difficult to obtain the exotic hardwoods. The 3rd world countries where these woods originate finally discovered that the money was in veneering and they began to […]

My Medici

I’ve always referred to the camera as my  ” My Medici.” With a camera around my neck I have done things and met people that I would never have met in a lifetime without it. To top it off, it was always fun and it also allowed me to learn to be a sculptor on my own time and at my own pace without having to be concerned with the demands of the art market. In that regard, I consider […]

The Day I Discovered Sculpture

I remember this like it was yesterday. 1958. I was in my photography studio in New York City and had just opened the new issue of Life magazine. In those days life was THE magazine. This issue was on the resurgence of wood sculpture as carved by a new group of mostly men who were working in exotic hardwoods. Photo after photo of some of the juiciest work I had ever seen. After looking at the work several times I […]

Boy on a Bike

Going through some old files I came across this photo. It is the shot that changed my life. This assignment when i was a shooter in NYC was for Arnold Bread. The agency had sent me to Vermont for a week to do sunrise and sunset shots for a new bread. I had never been there before and I never stopped going back. Several years later I had built a house and moved there. In the process my career morphed […]


I want to thank my son Marc for putting this new site together. Distance didn’t make any difference in the process. He’s in New York and I’m in Virginia but he logged into my computer and we were able to make conceptual and detailed modifications in real time with a click of a button. I’m amazed at the technology. He’s available to you as well at marcjaffe.com End of commercial. 🙂 As I learn how to add and subtract items and […]

Catch Up

For those of you who are new to this site and my work there are 3 of my interviews available here. They should give you all of the history that you need. Big changes have taken place in the past few years. The main one is the fact that I had to stop carving marble. Using power tools for over 30 years brought on a vascular problem in my hands that hurt enough to make me stop. What’s left in […]