Now that the Artist Relocation Project is underway I have turned most of it over to the city. That leaves room in the schedule for me to really get back to work, I’m going to finally finish that piece of apple that’s been staring at me for too long and there are 2 paintings that need some more work.

Once I get that done I’m open to the next body of work which will be similar but different. I have no idea what it will be and that is what keeps the process enjoyable.

I’m also looking forward to making my studio available for visits by collectors . It’s an interesting old barn that is still another work in progress.

open studio my shot 2

All you have to do is contact me and let me know when you will be in the area . The lights will be on when you get here.

Now that the gallery in Virginia is closed I may look for a representative up here but for now …. If you would like a piece of mine you have to get it here. It’s more fun that way anyway.


I look forward to your visit.

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