I had planned to take the heaviest pieces off the pedestals and get them on them onto dollies so they would be ready to move if I still have them comes the day.

I haven’t used the crane in months and much to my dismay the hydraulic fluid had leaked out of the jack and it couldn’t lift anything. At least I hoped that was the problem. Otherwise it meant buying a new crane as they don’t make the hydraulic jack for this one any more.

I reloaded the fluid and found where the leak was. No way I could get a new plug on the weekend so I replaced the bad one and sealed it with hot glue hoping that would hold the pressure for a while.

It worked for Enclosed Figure #2 , 1500 pounds, but it started to leak again.


Once that was on the dolly I went to Serenity, 900 pounds , while it was still working.


That one was tough, I didn’t remember how I got it on the pedestal as the crane could not get in close enough to get overhead, Also, with all the curves it was difficult to figure out how to get a grip on it.

First time failed and everything slipped off, Second time was good enough to slide the piece to the edge of the platform so I could re rig it. Third time got it to the floor where I could redo it again and lift it onto the dolly.

The fluid is leaking again. This crane has seen it’s day but it will get me out of here. I’ll buy a new one when I get to CT.

That’s enough for now. I’ll clean up tomorrow.

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