We hit 75 and sunny yesterday. That got me thinking about where my work is going this spring. What you create in the future is sometimes based upon what you have done in the past so that got me looking at some of my earlier work. What I am doing today is quite different from what I was doing 20 years ago but I still like that earlier work and thought you might want to see what was going on in those days.

“Sheep Meadow” 36 “x48” has been with a collector in California for many years. It came from one of my early trips to the western part of Spain. The home of the Conquistadors. When you see that empty part of Spain you can understand why some adventurers decided to try their luck in the new world …. but that’s another story.


“The Valley of the Volcanoes”   32″x48″  Traveling through the Andes in Ecuador  I was surprised to find villages that were farming communities in a space where the air was so thin it took days to get used to breathing 🙂

This painting is hanging in Richmond , VA.


There are still a few available from this era if you like the style.


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