I’ve got a story to tell.

Many of you know that I have been trying to sell my place in Orange and move back north. There is a way that might let me buy a place up there while I still hold this one so I began exploring the possibilities.

Eventually I found a property in the Berkshires that really turned me on. It was a perfect 1920 farmhouse with unusually large rooms and a connected barn. I spent a lot of time figuring out how I might be able to get that place before I was able to sell this one and I was planning to go up next month to make an offer on it. That idea got shot down early this week when my realtor in MA called to tell me that someone had just put a contract on “my” farm. After being on the market for over a year I got beat out by a month…. damn!

That incident on top of losing my dog didn’t put me in a very creative mood so my art production has suffered temporarily. However, I am now fired up with the thought that I might be able to get another place in New England. I’d done the work so I might as well play the game.
After many hours on the computer I think I have found a place in  CT that will work. I plan to make an offer on it. It may not happen but if it does my life will be on the outer edge of the spider’s web once again.

Actually I’m comfortable out there 🙂

The thought of packing all of my work and moving a few months’ later makes me a little uncomfortable but it’s like doing something different in art. You take it one step at a time. I may have to scrap the whole idea but I’m at the point where I have to try.

Putting this in print is not a particularly bright thing to do but it solidifies my commitment. If I didn’t let you know what I was trying to do I could quietly sneak away if it doesn’t work out and no one would be the wiser … this way you are watching and that is positive pressure.
I can’t leave this without making a pitch 🙂

All of this would be a lot easier if I could sell my property on Main Street first. This is a great space at a great price but I am obviously done here. Do you know anyone who wants a very good investment… or someone like me 20 years ago who can fit into it as well as I have?

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