I’ve always been amazed at the way the creative juices flow.. at least with me.

When I get into a series the work will move from one piece to another over a period of months. I will sometimes be working on 2 or 3 pieces at the same time. Then, one day, I just don’t feel like working so I find other things to do. The piece which is almost finished is staring at me but I know if I don’t feel like working on it I will screw it up if I try.

In this case it is the unfinished Geisha which I study each time I walk into the studio but I’ll go to the drawing board and play around with a few new ideas for the next wall sculpture instead of painting. I have several of them ready to go but the cycle was not ready to begin again… until yesterday.

I like the form of Geisha so much that I began to ask what might happen if I tried to do a variation of that piece. This morning I have the 32”x 39” drawing ready for that sculpture. It is somewhat different from the one I’m working on and I’m sure it will change again as I work on the construction but the process has begun.

The drawing for the next wall sculpture

Geisha #2    Working Drawing    32″x 39″

Now that I have another sculpture to do it will give me the incentive to complete the Geisha painting. I have a backlog of work to be done and another goal. That is the fuel I’ve been waiting for. I learned long ago not to rush it. The creative juices don’t dry up, they gestate.

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