After working on three of the new pieces the process of constructing the wall sculpture has become more familiar. It doesn’t speed up mind you because I still have to figure out each element as it goes together but now I know how to do it .

The sketch I made for this piece was definitely figurative but very abstract . It didn’t come together until I enlarged it to 40 “. In the process of correcting the drawing my final figure became more defined. It remained untitled until it was almost finished and then I saw the influence of Kabuki theater in it and that guided me as I went to painting.

I find any form of sculpture almost natural and intuitive. Painting on the other hand is tough work. For me every step has to be thought out before the fact or corrected after. Eventually I end up with something that works but it doesn’t come easy. That is why you will find so many glazes in my work. I am constantly fixing something. Obviously I like the end result and it has become my style but after doing this for many years I wish I knew more. Maybe that’s the incentive that keeps me looking for answers.

3D painted wall sculpture

Kabuki Mixed Media 31″x 29″x 6″

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