It took a while to get into the rhythm of working after a month away from the studio but the flow if now pretty steady.

Before I completed the 3D piece I was working on I started 2 large paintings based on the Sheffield sketches. One is 4’x6’ and the other 4’x5’. I find the scale of these paintings interesting… and a lot of exercise 🙂 .  I’ll keep you posted as they develop.

In the meantime this is where I left #11 when I went on “vacation”.

And here is the finished piece.

3D#11 Mixed Media 32″x40″x6″

Even when I was a shooter in NYC olive green was a difficult color to match but you’ll get the idea..

I plan to work on the paintings for a while to see where they are going and once I find a pattern I will get back to the 3d series. As it happened, I got a pretty good sketch when I was away and this one may complete the dozen for a show.

This one looks like it might be fun to figure out.

I should also mention that Marc and I will be working on a new website over then next few months so check back once in a while and see what comes of it. The blog “My Verbal Sketchpad” will post whenever there is something new to show you.

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