For those who may have been wondering why I haven’t posted any new work lately.  A virus hit me on the day before Christmas. That progressed into vertigo and I’ve been fighting it ever since. When it’s not comfortable to stand up it obviously does not lend itself to creating art so the past few weeks have been more about thinking than doing.

I’m much better now but this is a tenacious bug and it’s hard to beat.

I’ll bring you up to date on another subject.

I’ve decided that whether I sell my building or not, I will not be here this time next year. To that end I have started to pack all of my 3D pieces for moving, Since they take so long to create I want to have them in place for my first show up north: wherever it may be and with whom.

I don’t know how much new work will get produced in the coming months as I’m seriously looking for a new property in CT. When I find it I will begin packing the other work. Until it’s packed, It is for sale so try to visit the gallery. As usual, call ahead and the lights will be on when you get here. I will keep you posted as things happen.

In the meantime everything is going on as normal,

This is where the “Reclining Nude ” was when i decided it was wrong and I took it apart.


This is where the latest 3D left off.reclining-nude-where-it-is-going-blog

I may even get to finish it. 🙂

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