For those of you who might be wondering what happened to the new work I told you was coming along; I have to admit I have been distracted. I spent over a year working on the 3d body of work and since July I have been thinking about the next piece but not working on it.  I’m spending most of my time looking for and trying to buy a new place in New England.  So far I’ve lost out on 3 properties and it’s getting frustrating but that is in charge of my time for the moment and it’s difficult to concentrate on producing art..

When i was in Vermont I used to call these periods of time between work my gestation period. Up there I’d take my dog and walk in the woods until one day I was carving again and never saw it happen.  In Virginia I spend most of my time looking for property on the computer and planning the next drive to CT.

The closer we get to winter up north the more I will probably wait until spring to find something…but for now, I’m pushing the clock.

I’m not done yet… the next piece is on simmer.


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