I’m re-posting my earliest blog so people new to the site can have the introduction.

For those of you who are new to this site and my work there are 3 of my interviews elsewhere on this site. They should give you all of the history that you need. It all began here.

A photo shoot for Smith & Wesson

First time around I was doing advertising photography in NYC.

Big changes have taken place in the past few years. The main one is the fact that I had to stop carving marble. Using power tools for over 30 years brought on a vascular problem in my hands that hurt enough to make me stop. What’s left in inventory is probably the last of it. If I miss anything in my life it’s the noise, dust and physical joy of cutting stone but … I’m on to other things and the creative juices are still flowing.

I’ve been painting on a regular basis and in those paintings I’m constantly looking for ways to get more texture and a three dimensional quality on a two dimensional plane. In the last several months the work has taken a major jump conceptually and I am now creating three dimensional wall sculpture and then using that as a base for a painting. Complicated, challenging and something I think is very new. It takes about a month to do each piece so I’m not ready for a show yet.

If you want a preview you can see where this is going by coming over to my Facebook page. Click the Facebook button at the top of the page .


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