I’m now up to number eight on the new series . Each one takes about a month to complete and I’m shooting toward 12 of them before I try to arrange a gallery show somewhere other than my own place.

There are two reasons for that. As many of you know I’ve been trying to sell my building in Orange so I can move north. I may very well be here in 4 months when I reach my goal but my realtor and I are working on it so I don’t want to plan that far in advance . Meanwhile it’s business as usual. I’ll keep you posted on any changes as they happen.

The second reason is I am really excited about these pieces. They combine the things that I am good at and everyone who has seem them so far feel that there is nothing like them out there. If that is the case I would like to find a metropolitan venue to present them.  My dad always taught me to start at the top and work down never the other way around and maybe after 40 years of creating art I’m ready to do that.

If any of you across the country know of an established gallery that might want to take me on I’m open for conversation. Have portfolio, will travel.

Here are two in finished form . As I create a new piece I will flesh it out here as well as on the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/edjaffegallery.

3D wall paintng

Papoose Mixed Media 28″x40″x 3″

And finally for this post here is one that really taught me the process.

Family Group Mixed Media 32″x 40″x 4″







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