Once the basic construction is completed and the blending and texturing has been applied it becomes important to get rid of any flaws before moving on. If I get in a hurry at this point it will be difficult to camouflage any rough spots later.

After working on a piece for a few weeks there is a natural tendency to want to get on with the painting. When that happens I walk away from the project so I can reconsider. As I’ve said before I do not like white, particularly at this stage of development. The light within tiny crevasses reflect around to the point that everything just balances out and it looks fine. I’ve tried putting the piece under a sharp directional light to counter that problem and I mark the areas that need correction before I bring it into the studio. It helps but there is always something else that I missed.

I just painted the whole thing with a color… any color I had left over from a previous painting…Once that was done areas that needed more work jumped out even in the studio so I’ve learned something new which will make the next one easier to do. This is the third go around on touching up this piece and I think it’s finally ready for painting. This is a shot under an hard light.

                                                                    # 11 Textured

And this is a detail shot in the studio.

#11 detail

Now I have to figure that out and the next phase begins.

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