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Another in the 3D series

Around 30 years ago I began to collect African Art. I see the masks every day and once in a while they influence my work without my realizing it.

The current 3D piece is a perfect example of that.

I worked without a title from the beginning until I reached the first layer of color and then I saw it. 

I began to call the piece “Songye” after one of my masks. Painting it became a battle because it started out with fairly hot colors. When I though it was close to being finished I found it physically uncomfortable. 

Really uncomfortable.

I know some artists think this is a desired response to their work but I prefer to live with work that doesn’t jar me.

I would guess the palette changed 10 or 12 times; slowly getting warmer and darker until it finally fell into the current version. The multiple glazes and the translucency of the colors make it work.

This is what I call,  “Juicy”.

Meet “Songye”.
Songye “Songye”          40″x 50″x 7″         Oil

Ed Jaffe Studio: 3D Video Tour Of The October Show

[youtube]http://youtu.be/r_xW_2mocX4 [/youtube]

Because of “Sandy” many of you were not able to attend the opening reception on October 27. I’ve produced this video so I can bring the show to you. It will be up at least until the end of the year. If you would like to check it out, give me a call and the lights will be on when you get here.

As you know, I have been working on the 3D pieces for about a year. The series is continuing but, for now, they were ready to be hung.

In addition to the wall sculpture I have included paintings from the Sheffield series and a few fun pieces.

This is my first attempt at video so I’d appreciate any feedback …good or bad, so I can make the next one even better.